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Intricately crocheted patterns emerge among Mood’s online collection of delicate Crochet Knit Fabrics by the yard! Ideal for shawls, scarves, and beach cover-ups, explore our comfortably stretchy crochet knit materials.

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  1. Item #: 320577 Beige Loose Gauge Crochet Knit with Clear Sequins
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    $17.99  / Yard
  2. Item #: 306991 Optic White Fishnet Crochet


    $7.99  / Yard
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2 Results

Crocheting is a type of needlework that is performed using a needle hooked at one end to draw the thread or yarn through intertwined loops. Through this process, beautiful fabrics begin to work up, each with their own intricate pattern. Lace, chevron, and shells create delicate, yet sturdy fabrics that posses a comfortable stretch characteristic of crocheted fabrics. Ideal for shawls, scarves, and beach cover ups. Crochet knits are a staple fabric that mustn't be overlooked.

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