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    Cavalli Black Cashmere Coating

    Designer: Roberto Cavalli

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What Makes Cashmere Fabric Special?

Cashmere fabric is an exceptionally soft type of wool made from the hair of particular cashmere goats. It is typically highly valued as a luxury fabric.

What Seasons Are Ideal for Wearing Cashmere?

Because it is lightweight and breathable yet still wool, cashmere is ideal for any season. It regulates temperature well and its moisture-wicking properties make it good for summer while its ability to conserve body heat also makes it ideal for winter.

Is Cashmere Itchy like Regular Wool?

Despite it being wool, cashmere is typically not considered itchy like merino wool. In fact, cashmere fabric is widely considered to be one of the softest fabrics! Being a natural fabric, though, sensitive skin may occasionally feel some irritation.

What Projects Are Best for Cashmere Fabric?

Because it is a high-quality fabric, cashmere is a popular material for sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. Its ability to insulate makes it a favorite for cold-weather layering pieces. Depending on the weight or blend, cashmere fabric can be an excellent choice for outerwear as well!

Advantages of Cashmere:

  • Cashmere wool is soft and comfortable to wear
  • Because it doesn’t contain lanolin, it is hypoallergenic
  • It is wrinkle-resistant
  • It’s a breathable, natural fiber that resists odor and regulates body temperature
  • Cashmere is naturally moisture-wicking

How to Best Work with Cashmere Fabric:

  • For pure cashmere fabric, no pre-shrinking is needed
  • Steam and press flat before cutting - cashmere fabrics have varying degrees of moderate stretch
  • Press down on the fabric as you sew

Supplies You May Need:

  • High-quality thread, such as a 50-weight or higher silk thread, or a high-quality polyester or cotton
  • Chalk to mark the fabric
  • An 80/12 universal or 75/11 stretch needle
  • Extra sharp dressmaker’s shears
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