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While Lightweight Wool Fabrics by the yard have gained popularity, wool blend materials are also beloved. Explore Mood’s online range of wool fabric blends and colors – your favorite is waiting!

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12 Results

  1. Item #: 325642 Rag & Bone Black, Royal Blue and Red Heathered Lightweight Wool Woven

    Designer: Rag & Bone

    $24.99 $17.49  / Yard
  2. Item #: 320716 Dark Gray Loosely Woven Wool with Faint Chevron Pattern


    $19.99  / Yard
  3. Item #: 320760 Blue Gray Loosely Woven Stretch Wool Crepe
    Almost Sold Out! Only 5 Left.


    $17.99  / Yard
  4. Item #: 318140 Gray Chambray Blended Wool Shirting


    $15.99  / Yard
  5. Item #: 318141 Gray and White Pinstriped Wool Shirting


    $15.99  / Yard
  6. Item #: 318142 Midnight Blue and White Pinstriped Wool Shirting


    $15.99  / Yard
  7. Item #: FW11177 Carolina Hererra Black/Silver Swiss Wool-Lurex Novelty Woven

    Designer: Carolina Herrera

    $24.99  / Yard
  8. Item #: FW18504 Black/Off-White Striped Suiting


    $13.99  / Yard
  9. Item #: FW11007 Chocolate/White Striped Suiting


    $13.99  / Yard
  10. Item #: FW11582 Dark Cream Solid Suiting


    $13.99  / Yard
  11. Item #: FW25767 Cocoa Brown Lightweight Wool Suiting
    Sold Out


    $17.99 $10.79  / Yard
Set Ascending Direction

12 Results

The selection of lightweight wool fabrics on this page offers something for every creative mind. Prices as low as $15 per yard offer a comfortable product that is easy to work with at a practical cost. While the traditional lightweight wool fabric is very popular, the wool blend is also a desired product, and we have silk, lycra, linen, and elastane blends as well. Colors include cocoa brown, dark navy, Italian fog beige, black, tan and charcoal, and for that burst of brightness, consider the Beaujolais luminous wool twill choice. And for Armani fans, the black worsted wool and rainy day fine loosely woven wool are quite elegant. This category of fabric is used for a variety of clothing items, from warm winter coats and jackets to luxurious sweaters, as well as shirts for men and women that offer a cozy feel without a heavy material. Sewing requires a bit of care and attention, but the finished product makes the time and effort worthwhile. Choose your style and color in widths ranging from 54” to 62”, all sold by the yard. And with most items on sale, there is no excuse to wait any longer to indulge your creative urges!

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