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Quilted Wool Fabric

For a decorative quilted accent that adds a touch of texture and insulation, explore our online Quilted Wool Fabrics by the yard, perfect for quilted jackets, riding vests, and capes!

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4 Results

  1. Product #: 325271 Black Acetate Quilted Coating with Wool Filler
    Almost Sold Out! Only 13 Left.


    $34.99  / Panel
  2. Product #: 308524 Italian Cream/Slate/Olive Zig Zag Blended Wool Fleece Panel
    Almost Sold Out! Only 6 Left.


    $24.99 $14.99  / Panel
  3. Product #: FW12144 Dark Brown Channel-Quilted Wool


    $24.99  / Yard
  4. Product #: FW12143 Sepia Brown Quilted Wool


    $24.99  / Yard
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4 Results

Pre-quilted fabrics allow you to add quilted accents to any garment without dealing with the labor intensive process. Mood offers a variety of quilted wools that are perfect for riding vests, quilted jackets or even capes. While wool is already insulative and hydrophilic, the addition of the quilting adds a textural element that can’t be beat.

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