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From vinyl to faux leather materials, embrace your couture ambitions with Mood’s online Specialty Home Decor Fabrics by the yard! Create daring, vibrantly-colored, and en vogue upholstery and drapery pieces!

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  1. Item #: SUN886 Sunbrella Layer Smoke Striped Upholstery Woven Mood Earth Logo
    Temporarily unavailable

    Designer: Sunbrella

    $36.95  / Yard
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Just like your wardrobe, your home decor is a special opportunity to put together a feast of colors and styles and cultivate your very own aesthetic. The fabrics in this section are cut out for more novelty or decorative functions and are often not made from your run-of-the-mill fibers. From burlaps and burnouts to laces and lames, Mood carries every imaginable fabric for all of your prodigal, couture ambitions!

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