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Be inspired by Mood’s eclectic online collection of over 5000 Home Decor Fabrics by the yard for impeccable quality, luxury, durability, and on-trend color and pattern in upholstery and drapery materials!

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  1. Item #: AWG2942 British Imported Khaki Scaling Stem Sateen Jacquard


    $135.99  / Yard
  2. Item #: AWG2954 British Imported Bubblegum Sixties Stems Burnout Velvet Jacquard


    $225.99  / Yard
  3. Item #: AWG2797 British Imported Luminous Caramel Woodlands Jacquard


    $53.99  / Yard
  4. Item #: AWG2889 British Imported Truffle Leafy Polyester Knit Microvelvet


    $54.99  / Yard
  5. Item #: AWG2367 British Imported Flint Large-Scale Leaves Polyester Jacquard


    $55.99  / Yard
  6. Item #: 106088 Fern Trees Cotton Woven Print


    $24.99  / Yard
  7. Item #: 105947 Deep Taupe Tone-on-Tone Leaves Satin Jacquard


    $29.99  / Yard
  8. Item #: 104266 Deep Bronze Bark Vinyl
    Almost Sold Out! Only 14 Left.


    $39.99  / Yard
  9. Item #: 104007 Coffee Embroidered Trees Menswear Poly


    $44.99  / Yard
  10. Item #: 110092 Spanish Madera Striated Polyester-Cotton Canvas
    Sold Out


    $24.99  / Yard
Set Ascending Direction

10 Results

Just like your wardrobe, your home should present your unique style and vision. With our selection of well over 4,000 fabrics to style your home in, you are sure to find a few that speak to your vision! Whether you are looking for an airy drapery to let some light into your space, or a wonderful floral upholstery to add that botanical touch to your home, Mood has you covered. Each fabric is chosen for its impeccable quality, luxurious hand, durability, and on-trend color and pattern. Browse our eclectic selection and get inspired!

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