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Home Fabrics

Just like your wardrobe, your home should present your unique style and vision. With our selection of well over 4,000 fabrics to style your home in, you are sure to find a few that speak to your vision! Whether you are looking for an airy drapery to let some light into your space, or a wonderful floral upholstery to add that botanical touch to your home, Mood has you covered. Each fabric is chosen for its impeccable quality, luxurious hand, durability, and on-trend color and pattern. Browse our eclectic selection and get inspired!
  • 54 Sunbrella Blox Slate Upholstery Woven Home Fabric
    $39.95 / Yard

    54" Sunbrella Blox Slate Upholstery Woven

    Product #: SUN261

    $39.95 / Yard

    Designer: Sunbrella

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