Cow Leather Hides

One of the most durable materials available, genuine Cow Leather Fabrics are stiff yet flexible, offering fantastic insulation properties for cold-weather clothing. Explore Mood’s online selection of Cowhide leather fabrics!

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  2. Item #: 323148 Denim Stingray Pebbled Cow Leather
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2 Results

Cow Hides – cow hides are the pelts of the cow in its most unprocessed form. It retains the hair and the animals natural coloring. If desired, cow hides can be processed into various types of leather, which can then be fabricated into wallets, bags, belts, shoes, even jackets and hats. Cows hides tanned with the hair on are usually made into rugs, pillows, and other home décor items, either used whole or cut into strips or patchwork pieces. Smooth cow leather can be transformed by dyeing a wide variety of colors .

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