Crocodile Skin Leather Fabric

Express your high-fashion style with Mood’s genuine Crocodile Skin Leather Fabrics! Strong, durable, and luxuriously one-of-a-kind, fashion our online crocodile hides into handbags, belts, wallets, or home decor!

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Crocodile Skin – crocodile skin is an exciting type of leather, because of the natural patterns present on the hide of the animal. Composed from square, rectangular, and oblong scales arranged in a more or less regular patterns. Although crocodile skin is frequently confused with, and referred to, as animal skin, they are different. Crocodiles live in tropical climates, in salt water, whereas alligators are freshwater creatures that live in sub-tropical conditions. The skins, however, are extremely similar. Crocodile skin is mostly used in accessories such as bags. Iconic brands such as Hermes manufacture many well-known crocodile skin bags. Crocodile skin can also be used for garments such as jackets or vests after undergoing a process called garment washing, which makes the leather supple and soft enough to be worn. Crocodile skin must be carefully chosen to ensure the authenticity and quality of the material. Only buy crocodile skin from a reputable vendor.

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