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Lamb Suede

Wrap yourself in luxury with Mood’s genuine Lamb Suede Fabric! With a beautiful drape and comfortable flexibility for all-day movement, fashion vests, jackets, and accessories with lambskin suede fabric online!

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  1. Product #: 313529 Small Paloma Gray Lamb Suede Hide


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  2. Product #: 313531 Small Coffee Lamb Suede Hide


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  3. Product #: 308686 Small Simply Taupe Lamb Suede


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  4. Product #: 305635 Medium Ambrosia Green Lamb Suede


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  5. Product #: 305431 Small Lime Green Lamb Suede


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  6. Product #: 305633 Small Parasailing Green High Quality Lamb Suede
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7 Results

Lamb Skin Suede – lamb skin suede, like the name suggests, is lamb skin hides that have undergone the sueding process. Even softer than goat skin suede, lamb skin suede is highly prized for its soft feel and flexibility. Because it is so soft, it is not used for shoes as much as other suedes, but can certainly be used in other applications, such as for bags, jackets, and other accessories.

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