I Sew Mood T-shirt

“I Sew Mood” is to Mood as “I Love New York” is to New York City. Comfortable and snazzy, these tees are the perfect casual and everyday wear for sewists of all stripes. Snag one for yourself or gift them to your friends and family!

  • White I Sew Mood T-Shirt

    White "I Sew Mood" T-Shirt

    Almost Sold Out! Only 1 Left.

    Product #: 307181

  • Gray I Sew Mood T-Shirt

    Gray "I Sew Mood" T-Shirt

    Product #: 307180

  • Black I Sew Mood T-Shirt

    Black "I Sew Mood" T-Shirt

    Product #: 307179

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