Mood U Sewing Classes

You’ve visited the Mood Store, haven’t missed an episode of Project Runway, but have no idea where to begin to find the right sewing classes. We have you covered. Time to take all the inspiration you’ve gathered and put it into action! Gain a wealth of knowledge from the most prestigious fabric store in the world. Our sewing school offers 6-week classes that range in skill level from beginners to advanced sewers, and from ages 9 to adult. Learn the art of draping and creating patterns so that you yourself can bring your creations to life. Speak in the language of fashion by learning how to better draw your ideas. If 6-weeks is too long, sign up for some of our workshops! These classes go into depth, so students can learn specific skills ranging from creating professional mood boards to couture sewing. For those looking for space and like-minded people to share ideas, we also offer a Mood Lab. Bring in a project you’ve been working on, spread out, and receive advice from our talented Mood U staff! Did we mention that some beginner class tuition is FREE? Look out for our classes in LA as well.

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