How do I start?

Click on “New Board” and a window will open with a place for you to enter your board’s title and description.


How do I make my board visible to everyone on

Check the box in the “New Board” window that says “Everyone can see my board.” Unchecking this box will make your board visible only to you.


How do I upload external images?

Click “Upload” and select a file from your computer or mobile device. (Currently only one external image per board can be uploaded and it cannot be resized. Coming changes to the Mood board platform will allow users to upload multiple external images that can be resized.)


How do I pin swatches and other Mood products to my Mood board?

Highlight or mouse-over a product image/photo. A thumbtack will appear in the lower left corner. Click on it and a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to select one of your existing boards or create a new board to pin it to. Currently you can pin up to 16 products to each of your boards.


How do I display product information for my swatches?

When viewing your Mood board, check the box marked “Show product info” in the upper left corner. This displays the product info for each swatch, except for external images you may have uploaded. Uncheck the box to hide the product info.


How do I change the cover image of my Mood board?

Click on the thumbtack of the swatch or image you want to display as the cover image of your Mood board. A window will pop up; check the box marked “Set as a cover image.”


How do I export and/or share my Mood boards?

Click on “Export” at the top of your Mood board to save your Mood board as a JPG, PDF or PNG file. To share your Mood board via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger and many other social media forms, exit your Mood board (saving first) and go to your profile. Select the board you want to share and click “Share.” A pop-up with many different options will appear.