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Applique Scissors

Designed for precision, Mood’s online selection of Appliqué Scissors makes cutting away layers of fabric close to stitched lines easy and mistake-free for detailed, perfectly finished projects!

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  1. Item #: 322165 Tula Pink 6

    Designer: Tula Pink

    $24.99  / Each
  2. Item #: G-6R Gingher 6 Knife Edge Trimmer

    Designer: Gingher

    $37.98  / Each
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2 Results

Appliqué Scissors feature a duck bill shape piece that allows you to cut close to a stitched line and avoid snipping into a second layer of fabric, making it easy to trim away appliqué fabric without damaging your finished piece. Insert the duck bill portion of the scissors under the top layer of fabric and keep the regular blade on top, and you’ll feel no fear when trimming fabric to prepare for a final satin-stitched edging.

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