Sewing Notions

Whether it’s basic pins and needles, zippers, or elaborate, one-of-a-kind threads, Mood keeps its range of notions complete by pulling from the inclusive, far-reaching history of sewing notions. The most-utilized of sewing notions -- thread -- first appeared as weaved palm leaves during the Paleolithic age. By the Middle Ages, and on through the 17th Century, needles, pins, and pincushions were some of the most popular of sewing notions for some of Europe’s most talented seamstresses. With the world’s first sewing machine in 1790 came the first appearance of some of today’s busiest members of the sewing notions family: fabric scissors, tape measures, and marking tools. Today, as sewing has become one of the world’s largest, most profitable industries, the demand for sewing notions of all kinds continues to grow.

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    Knit Picker

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