Sewing Thread

When it comes to sewing thread, ancient Egyptians clearly knew a thing or two about potential when they discovered it more that 5000 years ago. Spun from plant fibers and the wool and hair from domestic animals, sewing thread took its first form around 3000 BC. A few years later, after collaborating with the Phoenicians, they developed the used berries and plant matter to produced colored thread. By the Middle Ages, with vast improvements in shipping, wool production, and trade, several types of sewing threads were in high demand throughout Asia and Europe. By the end of the Industrial Revolution, the production of thread accounted for about 10 percent of American factories. Today, up to 95 percent of all factory-produced thread is used in commercial and industrial sewing made from cotton thread, Silk Thread, Polyester Thread, and with today's technology advancing we now have Recycled Polyester Thread.