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For a sturdier zipper that makes a daring fashion statement, browse Mood’s online collection of Chain Zippers! Made from metal or synthetic materials, chain zippers are both functional and decorative.

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  1. Product #: 324374 Orange Closed Bottom Plastic Molded Zipper - 6.5


    $2.74  / Each
  2. Product #: 324379 Black Separating Plastic Molded Zipper - 25.5


    $6.99  / Each
  3. Product #: 324375 Raspberry Sorbet Closed Bottom Plastic Molded Zipper - 6.5


    $2.74  / Each
  4. Product #: 102181 Brown YKK Chain Separating Zipper - 36

    Designer: YKK

    $9.99  / Each
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4 Results

Many zippers use two sets of interlocking teeth called a chain. Compared to zippers made from coil, chain zippers are sturdier and can make a more daring fashion statement. Made of metal or synthetic materials like plastic, they zip up and down when used with a slider and can be used for decorative purposes as well as a purely practical function. Keep your chain zippers well-stocked with Mood today!

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