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Cuts of the highest precision define these rhinestones, mimicking the sparkle of the whitest diamonds. With flat backsides for easy fabric applications, explore Mood’s shimmering Swarovski Flat Back Crystals online!

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  1. Item #: FB-CITRINE Citrine Flatback Swarovski Rhinestones

    Designer: Swarovski

    Starting from: $4.99
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Expect only the utmost quality from our incredible selection of Swarovski Flat Backs. Produced in few countries, cuts of the highest precision graze these faceted crystals, mimicking the beloved sparkle of only the whitest of diamonds. With a flat backside they are easily applied to numerous surfaces, compelling one to agree that more is really more! Encourage permanent bonds with jewelry-grade glue, we suggest E-6000 Jewelry & Bead Permanent Glue, E-6000 Clear Adhesive, and Gem-Tac. Offered in various sizes, and fitted for fabrics ranging couture gowns, canvas totes, costumes, leotards, and beyond, it is impossible to run out of places to affix them to. For smooth application, employ the Jewel Setter Tool and a set of either the Gemtac Glue Syringes or the E6000 Glue Syringes for attaching flat backs.

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