Fancy Appliques

Add drama to cocktail dresses or elegance to bodices and jackets with Fancy Appliques from Mood online! Fancy applique trims offer sophistication and enchanting charm for bridal and evening wear.

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  1. Item #: 421731 Vintage White Iris Leaf Sequined Applique - 7.5


    $2.94  / Each
  2. Item #: 421559 Vintage Fancy Red Sequins and Beaded Fan Applique - 6.25


    $11.94  / Piece
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13 Results

Fancy Appliques can add drama to cocktail dresses, and elegance to bodices and bomber jackets. An applique is a piece of needlework used to decorate a garment. Fabrics pieces of varying sizes and shapes are sewn onto a larger piece, creating a pattern. The term applique comes from the Latin "applicare" and the French "appliquer." Add fancy appliques to bridal gowns or table runners to add sophistication and charm.

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