Spaghetti Cord Trim

Thin, light Spaghetti Cord Trim is ideal on delicate garments. Mood’s online collection of spaghetti cord trimmings by the yard are fabulously glamorous on gowns or cool for casual clothing.

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  1. Item #: 420155 Agate Gray and Off-White Geometric Spaghetti Cord - 0.1875


    $2.74  / Yard
  2. Item #: 420150 Lime Green Bias Cut Spaghetti Cord - 0.25


    $2.94  / Yard
  3. Item #: 420152 Plum Wine Creped Bias Cut Spaghetti Cord - 0.25


    $3.24  / Yard
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3 Results

Spaghetti Cord is thin and light, making it perfect for trim on delicate garments or spaghetti straps. Although trim was originally utilized by the wealthy, the advancement of machines during the industrial revolution made trim more widely available. Spaghetti cord trimming can be used as a decorative element, or for function as a drawstring or in elegant ruching. Utilize spaghetti cord trim to create glamorous ruched gowns or funky cord designs.

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