Pleated Lace Trim

Pleated Lace Trim contains two desirable novelty elements combined for elegant additions to clothing and accessories. A pleat is created by doubling fabric back on itself, and then securing it in place and repeating the process. Pleated fabric has a complicated past as before the 20th it was quite difficult to manufacture. Pleating was often used by the elite since pleating can take a fabric from five yards to one. In the 1950's, Irish designer Sybil Connolly teamed up with Belfast handkerchief manufacturer Spence-Bryson to make access to pleated fabrics more widespread by using Irish made linen, which tends to pleat easily. Nowadays, pleats are created with heat-setting. Creative ways to utilize Mood's pleated lace trimmings would be to wrap them around the edge of a lampshade or decorative the cuff of a sleeve.
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  • 7/8 Black Lace
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    7/8" Black Lace

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    $2.99 / Yard
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