Sheer Lace Trim

Sheer Lace Trim is delicate and beautiful, adding an ethereal aesthetic to anything it's attached to. Sheer fabric is typically made using a thin thread, which becomes a see-through fabric. Sheer as a term covers a variety of styles, from completely translucent to semi-opaque. These variations are marked using a number scale from 1 to 100, 1 being totally see-through and 100 being completely opaque. Add sheer lace trim to bridal wear for a delicate and vintage look, or adorn tea cozies and throw pillows with sheer lace for an elegant style.
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  • 3.5 Black Sheer Lace
    $6.99 / Yard

    3.5" Black Sheer Lace

    Product #: 300098

    $6.99 / Yard
  • White Novelty Lace
    $24.94 / Yard

    White Novelty Lace

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    Product #: 24585

    $24.94 / Yard
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