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Rattan Pendants

Utilize Rattan Pendants to create beautifully original necklaces and adornments. Rattan is a type of climbing plant, an ancient one at that. It features a woody stem, but it's not wood. It was traditionally used by the Wemale women of the Seram Island in Indonesia. These women used rattan as a type of girdle around their waist. Rattan is an excellent alternative to wood since its cultivation does not destroy the habitats of forest animals. Get creative with rattan pendants by attaching them to the bust of a peasant blouse, or fashion stunning earrings using rattan pendants.
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  1. Product #: 5417 Olive/Green/Lime Rattan Pendant


    $4.99  / Piece
  2. Product #: 5416 Navy/Blue/Green Rattan Pendant
    Almost Sold Out! Only 2 Left.


    $5.00  / Piece
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3 Results

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