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  • Project Runway

    Create a red carpet look inspired by the glamour of Hollywood 

    Note: Mood makes every effort to match the fabrics used in each look with either the exact fabric or a close substitution. Sometimes by the time an episode airs the original fabric may have completely sold out, and since it is a closeout fabric we are unable to replace it. We hope you understand.

    • Asha's Look - Team Mondo
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    • Isabelle's Look - Team Nick
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    • Stephanie's Look - Team Nick
    Asha's Look - Team Mondo
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    • Asha's Look - Team Mondo

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      Customer Ratings and Reviews

      • Design

        October 8, 2014

        I like the design overall. However, I would want the hem to be one length and choice of fabric would be more soft, (not so tight) and a bit less thin. At first it appeared to be fabric used for linings. I really like the way the lines of the front of the dress are flattering and attractive. The color and trim are perfect.

      • Okay...

        August 16, 2014

        I mean, this is OKAY. The design was there, but not the execution. Like, Come on! I AM 12 YEARS OLD AND I COULD MAKE THIS IN 30 MINUTES! In conclusion, I give this look TWO STARS.

      • Flattering and Daring

        June 25, 2014

        Loved this dress, especially the lines and repetition of curves and shapes. For example the swooping curve is repeated in the back, as well as the top's shape from front to back. It's very flattering and pleasing to the eye to follow the lines around the dress. Some criticism, the bodice needs to be lined or layered twice and it looks like you need to spend some more time smoothing out the bodice's fit, it's too tight across the bust. Overall, loved it and how it ain't that same ole dress we see every season. You pushed the dresses boundaries and it's good, fresh and new.