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  • My Dress-in-Progress Report

    I'm making McCall's 6460, a simple sheath dress with raglan short sleeves, out of the silk-blend matelassé I blogged about May 22. Here's a quick recap of my sewing process so far:
    1. Since this pattern was new to me, I made a muslin
    2. Made minor adjustments to the muslin to accommodate my shape (rectangle)
    3. Cut out pattern pieces in silk organza (I'm using silk organza for interlining) and transferred all markings (darts and seams) to it
    4. Pinned organza pieces to the matelassé and cut, using organza pieces as guides
    5. Hand-basted organza to matelassé at seams and thread-traced all darts (two layers of fabric now neatly held together as one)
    6. Hand-basted dress's darts and seams and tried dress on for fit (just because your muslin fits doesn't mean your fashion fabric will behave the same way)
    7. Hooray! I got lucky and the fit is spot on
    8. Machine-stitched everything, which went super-fast because so many seams and darts were already held together by basting (skipped pinning)
    You probably read steps 1 through 6 and thought aaugh! that's a lot of work to do before even sitting down to a sewing machine. Truth be told, the prep work goes quickly, and you avoid ripping out stitches in your fashion fabric (and potentially damaging it). Work out your fit issues before you machine stitch and you'll always save loads of time in the long run. Now I just need to construct my dress's lining, attach it and that's it. How do you feel about hand-basting? Hate it with a passion, or think of it as peaceful communing with your fabric? Let me know!    
  • Impossible: Getting Tired of Fine Fabric

    I'm in love with this fabric!
    When I first took this job here at Mood I wondered: Could a girl get sick of fabric? You know, like a teenager who won't eat ice cream after working in an ice cream shop all summer long? Readers, I'm happy to report I'm still flipping out over fabric two months into my new position here. My newest fabric crush is shown here, a colorful poly-blend matelassé Mood just acquired on an Italian buying trip. I was introduced to it in our warehouse last week and I started drooling immediately. As soon as I could, I nabbed two yards to make a dress.
    Italian poly-blend matelassé available at Mood NYC and Mood LA, and soon on MoodFabrics.com. 60" wide and $50/yd.
    I'm trying to find a dress pattern that's worthy of this fine material. Something with simple lines to let the fabric be the star. Feel free to leave any pattern suggestions in the comments area. I hope to make a muslin this week and start on the dress by the long weekend. Finished dress will be shared here, I promise. Now here are some words that make my heart go pitter-pat: "Italian fabric buying trip." How cool would it be to go on a trip to Italy to buy fabrics from the same textile mills that Valentino, Etro and Dolce & Gabbana use? Gee, that sounds like the prize for a Mood-sponsored contest, doesn't it? Maybe someday, dear readers!