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Mood Exclusives

Exclusively Mood

With expansion in mind, we at Mood are bringing in collections of fabrics and prints designed specifically for us and our customers. Every piece in the Mood Exclusive line is designed by our creative team and produced on the highest quality of fabrics. Be exclusive with the fabrics you use, be exclusive with Mood.

  • The Harvest Collection

    ( pronounced: HAR·VEST)

    Let the fruits of your labor multiply with Mood’s exclusive Harvest Collection! This collection features a cornucopia of ornate florals, abstract, snakeskin, geometric, and other rustic and/or baroque patterns that will make your next project truly a labor ...

  • The Avenable Collection

    ( pronounced: UH·VEN·UH·BULL)

    Get ready to bend the rules with The Avenable Collection, designed exclusively by Mood. The name Avenable refers to the creative bend of the mind, which captures the inimitable vision and daring of these fabrics as a whole. Carefully curated ...

  • The Key Largo Collection

    ( pronounced: KEY·LAR·GO)

    Step out of every day and into the tropics with Mood's exclusive Key Largo Collection! This collection features a mix of vibrant florals, striking stripes, geometric patterns, and abstract swirls to promote pattern play. Its overall tropical aesthetic makes ...

  • The Surya Collection

    ( pronounced: sur·ya)

    The Surya Collection, designed exclusively by Mood, is immersed in Hindu symbolism. Named after the Sun God who rides across the sky in a horse-drawn Chariot, the Surya Collection features a variety of flowers, plants, and colors that piece together ...

  • The Botanical Collection

    ( pronounced: bo·tan·i·cal)

    Celebrate nature's beauty with our Botanical Collection. An array of artistic florals that range from painterly to crafty to inventive cover luxuriously soft sateens and voiles. Made exclusively for Mood, each fabric is produced in Spain ensuring its high-quality ...

  • The Comic Collection

    ( pronounced: CO·MIC )

    For the comic book nerds and the eclectic fashion lovers alike, we at Mood bring you The Comic Collection, a grouping of audacious prints inspired by pop art and comics. Doused in vibrant color with a playful nod, this collection ...

  • The Aloha Collection

    ( pronounced: ah·loh·hah )

    In need of a vacation? Mood's exclusive Aloha Collection is here to take you to an island far, far away! Our resort collection features a mix of tropical florals and foliage that combine with adorable vegetables for an all-around...

  • The Artist Series

    ( pronounced: ahr·tist )

    The Artist Series, made exclusively by Mood, is an eclectic collection of the artistic movements featured throughout time, and among the many cultures from around the world. An ode to artistic expression, the collection feature...

  • The Gaia Collection

    ( pronounced: guy·ya )

    The Gaia Collection, designed exclusively by Mood, is immersed in Greek Mythology. Named after the Goddess of Earth and often called Mother Earth, the Gaia Collection features a variety of flowers, animals and...

  • The Felipe Collection

    ( pronounced: fe·lee·pe )

    Drape yourself in The Felipe Collection, designed exclusively by Mood, and feel the elegance and luxury of Spain. From the rustic winds that filter through the...

  • The Jâcques Collection

    ( pronounced: sz·ah·k )

    The Jacques Collection, designed exclusively by Mood, is an amalgamation of fabrics that elicit images of strolling through St. Tropez, spending a warm spring day on the French Riviera, and walking through...