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A polyester material with a crisp, crinkled form and long-withstanding durability, Mood’s online selection of Polyester Crepe Fabric by the yard offers fluidity that’s ideal for dresses and evening wear.

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  1. Product #: 421890 Rose Stretch Creped Double Cloth


    $13.99  / Yard
  2. Product #: 124275 Luminous Coral Geometric Double-Layer Creped Organza Brocade


    $49.99  / Yard
  3. Product #: 317410 Black Creped Polyester Georgette with Give
    Almost Sold Out! Only 14 Left.


    $9.99  / Yard
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4 Results

Polyester Crepe Fabric has elegant grooves for a crisp crinkled form. This fabric is woven with yarn that is tightly twisted in either the weft, warp, or both. Since it is made from Polyester, Polyester Crepe Fabric has the same outstanding durability, insulation, and wrinkle resistance characteristics of the synthetic material. The soft hand and fluid drape, Polyester Crepe Fabric offers a gorgeous flowy look that is ideal for summer dresses, tunics, and evening wear.

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