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Designed with a ghostly, otherworldly presence in mind, the Mood Exclusive Crow Collection online unleashes conversational prints bewitched by late novelist Catherine Crowe in haunting voile, sateen, and crepe fabrics!

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  1. Item #: MD0403 Mood Exclusive Doppelgangers, or Doubles Stretch Polyester Crepe
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    Designer: Mood Designer Fabrics

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Approach with caution! Designed with a ghostly presence in mind, the very spirited Mood Exclusive Crow Collection unleashes conversational prints bewitched by the late novelist Catherine Crowe. Mesmerizing one as if crossing over from a supernatural world to ours, these voiles, sateens, and crepes are haunting—in the best possible way! Exploring the Night Side of Nature, approaching the Future That Awaits Us, and rehashing Allegorical Dreams and Presentiments, there are many journeys to be had! Imported from Spain and created exclusively for Mood, The Crow Collection is powerfully evocative, promising awe-inspiring garb and fashion novelty.


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