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Browsing our selection of burnout fabrics and see something you like? We have plenty of options for all your burnout and lasercut fabric needs! Learn more below about burnout fabric and why it might be right for your project. 

Burnout Fabric Projects 

Burnout fabric is especially popular for apparel projects, including tops, dresses, shawls, and sleepwear. It’s also commonly used for home decor projects like curtains and pillow covers. Burnout fabric, due to its interesting designs, is also used to create artistic accessories and clothing inserts to add a differentiating touch. 

Pros to Using Burnout Fabric

There are many pros to working with burnout fabric. These fabrics feature unique, intricate designs, meaning your project will really stand out from the crowd. The semi-transparent appearance of burnout fabric adds an allure and textured contrast when paired with other fabrics. Plus, it’s lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect option for apparel. 

Alternatives to Burnout Fabric

If you’re looking for something with unique characteristics similar to burnout fabric, consider lace fabric, organza, tulle, or voile fabric.

Tips for Working with Burnout Fabric

Working with burnout fabric requires a delicate touch. You’ll want to use a microtex or sharp needle to minimize damage to the fabric. We also recommend a fabric stabilizer to keep this slippery fabric stable while cutting and sewing. Finally, choose a fine thread that matches the lightweight nature of burnout fabric.

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