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Rayon Ottoman Fabric

Rayon Ottoman Fabric has a boldly ribbed texture, gorgeous sheen and medium to heavy weight. This Ottoman Fabric is crafted from wood pulp in the form of purified cellulose fiber. The pulp is converted to a soluble compound, which is then dissolved and inserted into a spinneret to form the new refined fibers. Thin fibers are intertwined with a heavier filler yarn in a tight plain weave, forming a basic crisscross formation. Create gorgeous upholstery with our alluring collection of Rayon Ottoman Fabric.

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2 Results

  1. Product #: 319094 Timber Wolf Green Rayon and Polyester Ottoman
    Almost Sold Out! Only 7 Left.


    $11.99  / Yard
  2. Product #: 314521 Calypso Coral Cotton and Rayon Ottoman
    Almost Sold Out! Only 8 Left.


    $17.99  / Yard
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2 Results

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