Woven Silk Fabric

With only high quality in common, Mood’s online selection of Woven Silk Fabrics by the yard is varied and vibrant. Experience an assortment of textures in our woven silk materials!

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  1. Item #: 428338 The Row Italian Black and Irish Cream Floral Silk Woven

    Designer: The Row

    $39.99  / Yard
  2. Item #: 320095 White and Gray Shadow Striped Silk and Cotton Woven


    $17.99  / Yard
  3. Item #: 317752 Beige Cotton Backed Silk Woven
    Almost Sold Out! Only 7.5 Left.


    $29.99  / Yard
  4. Item #: FS23330 Brownie Solid Moire


    $34.99  / Yard
  5. Item #: FS23796 White/Rope Striped Woven
    Almost Sold Out! Only 2 Left.


    $17.99  / Yard
  6. Item #: 302755 Robin's Egg Blue Crinkled Silk Blend


    $13.99  / Yard
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6 Results

Silk has always been regarded as one of the most luxurious fibers on the market. Desired for its smooth hand and luminous sheen, it adds a touch of luxury to any collection. Mood carries a wide variety of Silk Woven fabrics all with a wide range of qualities to fit your specific needs. Browse our collection and get ready to create your next piece.

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